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Law of Attraction

The Universe listens to what we say, what we think and even how we act. This combination allows us to truly create what we want. The challenge is not in the wish but in the details. If someone does not know what they truly want, the Universe cannot deliver. Similar to a drive thru - "what do you want?" Picture not knowing what you want in a drive thru... The employee cannot give you what you want unless you are specific. In the meantime, the line is getting backed up (responsibilities), you are getting stressed (under pressure to make a decision and to take charge), and the employee (Universe) cannot give you what you truly desire. Focus is extremely important in the Law of Attraction.

"What about when the world is going crazy and it's getting dark?" That's Game Day! This is when your Spirit in conjunction with the Universe is allowing room for improvement. If you continue to think about and look for a yellow car, you will eventually (sooner than later) find one. The same applies for the Coronavirus situation. If you can replace some of the fear/worry thoughts with gratitude & abundance, you will find more reasons to be grateful. This does require a level of faith and some rewiring on your part. "If it was easy, everyone would do it." Start now, start listing what you are truly grateful for in your life. Then repeat. Then add to the list. Then repeat again.

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