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Advanced Practitioner - Level 3

Advanced Practitioner - Level 3


This is a self-paced practical practice module with a mentor.  You will decide the schedule and duration.  It is challenging to give readings & perform energy work.  What is even more challenging is to be thrust into the world without experience and/or proper “on the job training”.   This opportunity with Iris Wellness Center gives you a safe, constructive vehicle to hone your skills as an energy practitioner.   Guidance with your skills as well as potential clients to start your own practice are priority.  Participants can join at any time. Participants will perform energy readings/clearings with Iris clients. This will be done with a peer or mentor taking notes who only observes in the google meet.  The practitioner will decide specifice topics to practice (Meditation) and to focus while working with Iris clients.

NOTE: Permission from instructor & Prices vary by individual needs.  

Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certifcation will be optional (fee required).

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