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Wealth Magnet Hypnosis

Wealth Magnet Hypnosis

$160.00 Regular Price
$47.00Sale Price

This proven method of Hypnosis will improve your life! 

Because Wealth & Abundance relates to everything (Finances, Family, Friends, Love, etc.),  the removal of the subconscious blockages bring blessings to every area of your life!  Money does mean dollars but the subconscious also sees money as the currency of time and energy.  This can be applied to every area of life (friendships, hobbies, travel, etc.).   This is a lifetime download that you can play over and over.  The repetition will help to layer-in success!  This is best used in a relaxing environment and/or while falling asleep.  

NOTE: Meditation should never be performed while operating machinery.  Meditative studies and/or Hypnosis should not replace medical attention by a licensed professsional.

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    Download link will be emailed immediately upon purchase.   If you do not receive the link, check your spam folder.  If the link still does not arrive, email Iris Wellness Center on the Home Page (contact form) and we will resend the link!

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