All no-shows will be charged a $35 fee on their next visit.


​​January 17

Mike, I thank you. I have always wished for normal relations as opposed to the adversarial relations with my mother. Now, for the first time in my life, I really believe there can be peace and love between us. As a spiritual person, I was able to quickly relate to the sacred contracts perspective since this is also my understanding, but, life, emotions and confusion sometimes got in my way and block my spiritual discernment. An A+++++. Awesome!

- Sharon, Piscataway, NJ


November 16
Mike is amazing! He picked up my biggest concern without any hint or me having to ask him. What I had to ask him was how he knew what was in my heart twice because I was just speechless. He gave me answers I needed and guidance to move forward in my life. Give him a try. You won't be disappointed. Thanks Mike!

- J.C., Arcadia, FL


March 18
I am completely blown away by this psychic. I had no idea how in depth he could go or how accurate he would be. Immediately picked up on current and past situations with no input from me whatsoever. I am so glad he is part of the CP team. My definite go to psychic that I will be calling back time and time again!!

– Lori, Lima, Peru

February 01
I really liked Mike. So far, of all the psychics that I have spoken to on this site and others, he is the most uplifting and listens. He is polite and right on the money. Plus, he gives you plenty to think about and digest.

- K.A., Baton Rouge


December 15
What a powerful reading! What was truly EXCEPTIONAL was after answering my questions, he asked if we could talk about my energy. He saw some 'dark' spots & said he could cleanse them; helping me feel better in the coming days. Wow! is all I can say. I've been so down lately (weeks), in a state of depression, nothing was looking bright; a lot of tears. In a few short hours I felt so much better with a much more positive outlook. Thank you, soooo much!

- Lisa, Princeton, NJ


November 11
Mike is phenomenal. This is one of my favorite readings ever! He knew details about my own destiny/life path that only my dearest friends really understand and was able to help me see how these things relate to the rest of my life and experiences. It was so cool. I had such a great time!

–  Raveena, Tara Hills, CA


September 23
THE BEST!!! Do yourself a favor and read with this man. He is beyond accurate and so cool to speak with. Thank you, Mike!!!

-  Jeri, Barcelona, Spain


September 07
Outstanding! I was blown away by his accuracy in describing my friend and my relationship. He gave information that only a true psychic would know. He is now going to be my go to person when I need a male perspective. I loved his straightforwardness. He told it like he sees it, but was delicate in his communication. This guy won't be this rate for long. He is the Real Deal.

-  Jira, Cairo, Egypt


July 20
Mike is a healer. He helped me reframe several issues to allow me to be successful. He tuned into my personal energy and was able to understand and clarify my situation well. I recommend him highly. 

– Jai, Bankok, Thailand


July 18
A wonderful and gifted psychic! Mike accurately picked up on energies of individuals in question.  He is uplifting and soothing to speak with. This is one of the best and most accurate readings I've had. A lot to look forward to! Thank you, Mike!!

-Anna, Calgary, CAN


April 30
Mike was great! We had a good connection and he was very easy to talk to. Very accurate with what he saw in the present and past. I trust his prediction for the future.  – Nadia, Mumbai, India


April 09
All I can say is WOW!  He jumped right in and could see it all without any information from me.  One of the things he said I had no idea about but in two days the confirmation came and he was absolutely correct. I had no idea. Would highly recommend. He is wonderful.

- E.S., Duluth, MN


March 18
I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!! We discussed so much and he was freaky accurate!! I had to re-up twice he was so good. When he told me about the farm I thought I would fall off my chair!

- Dan, Salt Lake City, UT


February 27
Great new addition. I really enjoyed his reading my life. He got me like he has known me for a long time. He is very spiritual and loving. I very much am honored that he added me to his prayer list. Thank you. Talk to u soon.

- Olivia, Glenwood, CO

February 12
The focal point of my reading with Mike was emotional and spiritual energy. He was confident, caring and respectful, asking for permission to call on spirit guides and to access my energy field prior to beginning. Mike also asked several times if I was comfortable with the reading and if he had permission to clear each blockage he encountered in my energy field. As he was clearing these I actually did feel a physical tingle in my scalp which was unexpected but kind of cool.  

– Gerry, Sudan, Africa