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Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Join us for a weekend of learning, healing and connecting with Spirit!

This hands-on retreat will clear your path to abundance & prosperity!

Like-minded souls at the rough river retreat!
Fulfilled participants at rough river retreat!
Meditation at rough river retreat!
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My Experience

Connecting with like-minded souls at rough river retreat!
Yoga at rough river retreat!
express your inner Spirit with Meditation at rough river retreat!

Escape with us and explore the depths of yourself with our retreat experience. Our team of experts will be guiding you through a range of hands-on activities designed for your mind, body, and spirit. You will find inner healing, knowledge and growth, while indulging in healthy/high-frequency meals and interacting with like-minded souls. It's time to let yourself go and join us on a transformative journey.

Iris Wellness understands the importance of self-care and ensuring that you can find your inner balance. We will provide a fully-immersive retreat experience that allows you to disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and focus on nurturing your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Our team of experts has meticulously designed each program to allow you to experience a complete transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.
Is self-care important to you?

Investment & What's included

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  • World-Class Instruction

  • Complimentary Hypnotherapy Session     ($160 Value)

  • Complimentary Sound Bath ($85 Value)

  • Retreat Manual ($20 value)

  • ___Complimentary, high-frequency meals

  • Door prizes every day!

  • Fantastic views of Nature 

  • Nurturing, supportive environment

  • Optional Yoga and meditation sessions 

  • Opportunities for relaxation & reflection

  • Spiritual protection items to create & keep

  • Mystery SWAG Bag for all participants!

2-Day Full-Immersion


1-Day Option


Grilling out at Rough River Retreat!
Rough River Lake Retreat
Retreat at Rough River - "helper" ready to assist!
Yoga Friends - Retreat at Rough River

Location & Lodging

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This non-denominational retreat is located at
Rough River in the
Heartland of Kentucky!

Click the map for the
venue location! 

Click the hotel icon for nearby lodging options!

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2-Day Itinerary

Saturday June 22nd

  • "Where is your True North?"

  • "What are the secrets of Meditation, step-by-step!?"

  • "How can Hypnosis heal old traumas and Increase Abundance & Prosperity?"

  • How is exercise related to my Spiritual Self?"

Sunday June 23rd

  • "How do I win?"

  • "How do I create Spiritual Protection items for my home?" 

  • "What are the 4 Secrets to Manifesting my Heart's Desires?"

Meditation at rough river river retreat!
Bonfire party at rough river retreat!
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Who are the Instructors?

Owen Headshot_edited.jpg

Michael Owen

Michael has been working with the intuitive arts for 20 years. He is unmatched in decoding & relaying complex Spiritual subject matter. He has helped thousands all over the world!


Michael can assist you on

your Spiritual Journey!  

Jessica Owen - Massage therapist, Iris Wellness Center, Louisville, KY

Jessica Owen

Jessica is a licensed massage therapist that has worked in the energy work realm for over 16 years. She understands the intimate relationship between the physical & the Spiritual. 

Jessica will be able to bridge the gap between discomfort and healing! 

IMG_1731 Copy_edited.jpg

Jenny Redwolf

Jenny is a professional energy worker of over 15 years! She specializes in delivering Spiritual messages and even animal communication! Jenny is also a professional chef of 20 years who will be preparing our meals!

Jenny can deliver sustenance to your Mind, Body, & Spirit!


Cindy Johnston-Whicker

Cindy is our behind-the-scenes expert having coordinated over 200 professional events allowing others to facilitate their message(s).  Cindy is also an avid energy worker who shares her intuitive gifts professionally.

Whether it's event planning

or energy work,

Cindy will make it happen!

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Join our retreat!

Retreat Title

June 22nd & June 23rd, Rough River Kentucky

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I will be attending the kickoff bonfire cookout on Friday evening (June 21st) between 5:00 - 8:30 pm CT
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Thanks for registering! We are excited to work with you!

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